Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meet Danny

Meet our new family member, Danny

This was taken his first night home.  That's not my lap.  He wouldn't sleep on me until 3 days later.  I won't show you those pictures, because I was asleep, too.  He slept curled up on my neck, under my chin.

Yes, another rat terrier.  Our last rat terrier passed away in January, just shy of 15, after being blind for the last two years and having diabetes.  It's been fun having a puppy again, and we do love him very much.  He loves us, too, and watches out for us.  He's a rescue, and his name was originally Danie (we just changed the spelling.  He seems like a Danny!)  He does this cute thing with his mouth when he sleeps, where he almost looks like he's blowing kisses.  But oh, boy, if he sees something outside he doesn't like, he can growl to scare the grey hair off your head.  Never at us, mind you.  There isn't a mean bone in his body.  He's already a good watch dog.

This is Danny on a normal day -- all blur.  The only time you get a good view is when he's sleeping.  Nearly every day we take him for a mile and a half to two mile walk.  He loves walks.

Danny as of last night:

Danny when he first came:

We can't imagine life without him.

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