Sunday, October 4, 2015

Catch up time!

Since my last post 2 years ago and some, way too much has happened.  2013 was the year of deaths, following on the heels of Grandpa's death December 2012.  I lost my other grandfather, a dear cousin, my great-aunt (and Godmother), two beloved teachers from high school, Mr. Claraspet's aunt, and then top it off with a dear lady I knew all my life (who left me her treadle.)  That was June-September.  There's been a couple more deaths, ending with Mr. C's grandma a week ago.  She was a wonderful, dear lady.  But the biggest challenge to come my way came last November with my eyesight.  Something wasn't right with my vision, but I wasn't sure what. I was due into the retina specialist anyway, and when I went I was appalled to find out that what didn't seem right was 20/70 (corrected) in my left eye.  CNV -- choroidal neovascularization.  It's easy to search if you want to know more.  4 shots later my vision seems to be back as close to 20/20 (corrected) as I'll get.  If I use just my left eye things are still wavy, but I'll take wavy and clear as opposed to what it was last November.  I'm just getting back into sewing, though I have been cross stitching and crocheting.  I'm working on projects for everyone while I can, just in case the CNV ever acts up again.

So that's been about it.  CNV sucks -- but it could be worse.

I hope to post again tomorrow.  I have a new family member to introduce.

Take care, y'all, and print yourselves Amsler Grids.


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  1. Hope your eyesight stays 'better'. I know that treadle is precious to you.