Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still here!!!

Yes, I really am still here! I think....

After my last post, we started having internet "issues." So when the phone company called with a deal I couldn't refuse for high speed internet, I said, "Let's do it!" Hahahahaha, little did I know what the next 3 months would bring.....

First, they tried to hook us up and then proceeded to tell us that the phone lines were too old. (Our lines date to the 1940s-50). Then I got another call trying to sell us the high speed internet. I told them that it couldn't be done, and the rep did the line test and claimed that there was sufficient signal. Attempt #2 ended with the service tech informing me (on my front porch) that they couldn't hook us up since the phone lines could only handle so much data transfer, and the two neighbors next to me were sucking the signal up. (No, really, and I live in one of 4 houses in a mile stretch.) However, he at least put a work order in to update the lines, and they took down the two old phone lines to the house and put one new one up.

Attempt #3 started off much as #2. Phone company called trying to sell the service, and I told them I wasn't falling for that line. Then I proceeded to inform them that I was more than willing to pay for it, but they couldn't bloody well get it to me. "Oh, no, we show that you have full connection." "Sorry, I don't believe you. I've heard that 3 times now, and they can't get it here because the phone lines are too old." To make a long story short, after having to call 2 more times and re-initiate installation service (since the phone company's computer automatically cancels the work order after 10 days), finally someone succeeded. However, it took him 4 hours longer since the update at the box hadn't been done the week before like it was supposed to.

After 3 months we finally got hooked up and got much faster service -- just in time for the garden to hit. So I've been hanging in the garden most of my time, battling the Colorado Potato Beetle and whatever critter who decided to eat the tops off my wax beans.

I've still got the Triangle Island quilts ready to quilt, but I had to sneak in a repair to my Davis NVF. The cable snapped. Try replacing a chain cable from 1915. I'm also planning the "Walk through History" at church, and I'm working on my gear for that. In other words, I have way too much going on and not enough time to do it. I can't wait for school to start next week!!!

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