Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diamond Fan quilt

Well, after much thinking and playing around, here it is:

Back in 2007 my husband took me to Greenfield Village for my birthday, and I came back with a picture of a fan quilt made out of diamonds. It took me a while, and with help from Kelly and Trina from Treadle On, I finally did it. I turned the fan block into a baby quilt for my niece who is due in September.

What I did, is I used the instructions from "Great Lakes, Great Quilts" for the Star of Bethlehem quilt, but one set of strips needs to be mirror image -- right to left slant, so that the top strip is at the far left instead of far right. It's really not hard, it's just confusing until you do it.

I did this on my ca 1915 Davis NVF treadle, and some of the piecing was done in the UP on my 1867 W&G that I made the hand crank stand for.

Anyway, my SIL loves it. And I'm taking a break from quilting for awhile to finish a couple drmls for my nieces in Iowa, my new nightgown, and a couple dresses from the early 1800s. If I'm really brave, I may take on the 1870s!

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