Thursday, November 11, 2010

Return to Triangle Island!!

Almost sounds sinister, doesn't it?

Mr. Claraspet and I cleaned and moved around my sewing room so that things are set up better. I love my new setup, and now that the Davis NVF is cleaned and ready to go with a new lift cable, I'm getting ready to start quilting.

This is a Davis New Vertical Feed for those who have never seen one. They're wonderful machines. They have no feed dogs, but feed with the needle and a walking foot. Mine is from around 1914-1915, give or take a couple years. I bought it from a friend, who found a much earlier Vertical Feed (ca 1880s) and who didn't really have room for both (and who took pity on me who wanted one!) The earlier Vertical Feeds seem to be a little bit quieter, but I still love mine, noisy or not! (And yes, that's a piano in the background. I have a whole sitting room in with all 15 or so treadles.)

I would have been quilting the Triangle Island quilts sooner, but I had a small mishap with the lift chain. I found out the hard way that part of it was broken. It took awhile to find a heavier chain that would fit, and I hope this is strong enough.

If you've forgotten about Triangle Island, here's one link

and I know I posted a few times about it. I think it was last year.

Anyone know what the weather's like on Triangle Island?

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